Stay up-to-date with past Incubator presenters through social media and websites. We will also post links on our Facebook page of updates from past performers' material.

#1 - Packard Place, 2013
Camerin Watson of TAPROOT
Jon Prichard of Sinergismo
Garrett Foster of Messenger Down
Adam McGalliard

#2 - Packard Place, 2013
BS Dance
Audrey Baran of Baran Dance
Brianna Smith of TAPROOT

#3 - Packard Place, 2014
Sarah DeShields
Tobias Shearer of Haberdashery Films
Sarah Provencal and ensemble

#4 - Packard Place, 2014
Antony Bernard
Marla Brown of Warehouse Performing Arts Center

#5 - Cube NoDa
Dave Bullard
April Marten
Brianna Smith

#6 - Cube NoDa
Alexander Windner Lieberman
Jennifer Jamsky

#7 - UpStage
Lacey Dance Company
Define Earth Projects
Judith Polk and the Haul Ashes

#8 - McColl Center for Art+Innovation
Kenzie Smith of Baran Dance
Nico Amortegui