Bear Eats Bear

Come prepared for a walk in nature with this drop-in retro-future self-guided tape-cassette audio-play. Set in a not-so-distant America, listen to rebel broadcasts of cultural artifacts half-remembered from the Before Time on an actual cassette player. Ranging from Melville to Real Housewives, the piece interrogates how we make narrative and what literature and pop culture might survive a turbulent future.

Bear Eats Bear—half radio play, half immersive post-apocalyptic adventure—is one third of Lydia Blaisdell’s BEAR TRILOGY. Apocalypse Radio will receive its world premiere with Theater Ninjas in Cleveland, Ohio in January 2018, directed by Michael Rau. The Last Great American Bear Hunt was a finalist for the O’Neill National Playwrights Conference (2016).

Playwright: Lydia Blaisdell
Director: Katie Van Winkle
Sound Design: Bart Pitchford and Katie Van Winkle
Producer: Brianna Smith

Produced in collaboration with The Last Grizzly.

Performance dates:

BOOM - Charlotte, NC
Intersection Stage
April 28-30

Minneapolis Fringe - Minneapolis, MN
August 3-13

Austin, TX
October 2017