Photo: Kevin Beaty

Photo: Kevin Beaty

TAPROOT is a multidisciplinary ensemble collaboratively creating immersive performance pieces and programs to reflect and challenge the communities with whom we engage.

TAPROOT exists to penetrate deep into the heart of what gives our community life. In digging deeply, we bring to the surface challenging ideas to be digested.We create performance art that takes risks and has an honest, clear, fresh vision.

We are storytellers exploring universal themes through intentional collaboration and performance.We work collaboratively within the ensemble as well as within the communities with whom we engage.

We strive for excellence in all things out of respect for our craft and those who have gone before us.

We focus on projects that delve into socially relevant ideas and produce unique experiences.We draw on a wide range of disciplines to explore the ancient, contemporary and unfolding.

We commit to:

Creating work with purpose, message and social relevance
Sparking conversations that lead to changing cultural trends
The artists with whom we work and pursuing funding to support these artists
Working in cross-disciplinary collaborations
Partnering with local arts and non-arts based organizations
Ensuring excellence in the artistic community through training, sharing, collaboration
Drawing in disenfranchised audience demographics through accessible performances and programming Create opportunities for diverse communities to participate in artistic experiences